A Year Goes by for Sophie…

It is nearly a year since Sophie was diagnosed with her brain tumour and the months that have followed have done so in a blur.
From the very first time she laid in the MRI scanner up to right now she has shown a strength and determination that I can only dream of possessing.

We have done many wonderful things together as a family and are trying to live each and every second to its fullest but I would give everything, including my last breathe, to secure a future for my daughter and for my family.

There is no manual for coping when faced with a situation like this – you simply do what you feel is right and what works for you.

As the days continue to pass we continue to pray for not only Sophie but for her brother Jack and for all the families that face a similar daily battle. This is one of the reasons we are committed to helping fund a space for local families where they can stay close to their loved ones in times where extra help and care is needed.

The kindness shown to us has given me a faith in human nature and a belief that you can draw good from any situation. It has given me faith that what will be will be and is all that is left when all else passes.

We thank you all for your continued support and immeasurable kindness.

Aaron (Sophie’s dad)