West Wight – Zumbafun

Another huge turnout for the final part of the day of Zumba at the West Wight Sports Centre with Tracey Potgieter on stage in a pink tutu encouraging everyone along.

The dancing started with Sophie at the front with all the other children dancing to one of Sophie’s favourite songs ‘Vindaloo’!!. Emily then got on stage to lead the Macarena before all the grown ups started their 2 hour marathon of Zumba.

It was all helped along with free cheese and wine which everyone seemed to enjoy (some more than others… Auntie Yvonne.. not naming names or anything lol..). The evening came to a close with the conga around the sports hall and some freestyle disco dancing (Good moves Pete).

A huge thanks to everyone involved in putting it all together, donating prizes for the raffle, fee use of the sports hall and especially to Tracey.

Let The Zumba Begin

August 4th 2012, 10am at Ryde Community Youth Centre the day of Zumba began with a huge turn out and more bright flurescent outfits than I’d seen since the 1980’s. Helen Baker and Karen Buck were the two amazing trainers who kept everyone going for the two hours.

Leigh Willis managed to persuade her boyfriend Darren Noad to come along and join in and to wear a mankini???? It looked very uncomfortable, but Darren seemed to be having a great time. There were lots of great fancy dress outfit; pink furry books, fairy wings, swimming hats, tutus and even a furry dalmatian suit.

Well done and thank you to everyone involved….

Marwell Wildlife

The trip to Marwell Wildlife finally happened and although the weather tried it’s best to dampen the spirits with torrential rain, thunder and lightning and huge hail stones the sun did shine down for the majority of the day.

Aaron’s choice of rain coat left some ‘not amused’ and awkward questions about the friendly Zebras were quickly dealt with by the distraction technique, ‘look over there the Cheetah has woken up…..!!’

Sarah’s Silence

Congratulations to Sarah on her sponsored silence on Wednesday raising around £190 for KissyPuppy.

Love the pictures Sarah, well done and thank you x

We’d love to know how the day was for your colleagues with you being silent all day too?

Success at the Tool Sale

Earlier this week Sydenhams held a tool sale at their Newport branch and are pleased to say they raised £720.

A massive thank you to Toolbank who helped supply the tools and help on the day.

Also a massive thank you to Barry Hamilton who helped supply the food and lots of help on the day.

And also to Sarah and Sam from the builders merchants who arranged the day and worked very hard feeding the customers.


Treatment – Day 3

So brave….again. If this is the way it is I pray God will give us broader shoulders to carry her through it….though more likely it is she who will carry us


Last week Sophie was measured up and fitted for her mask which is screwed down to the table for her to have Radiotherapy. What a very brave little girl