Chloe and Emilie’s haircut for The Sophie Rolf Fund

Chloe and Emilie’s haircut for The Little Princess Trust and sponsorship for Kissypuppy – The Sophie Rolf Fund!

Chloe and Emilie are getting their haircut for Earl Mountbatten Hospice because other little children need their care and help.

A few months ago Chloe (who turned 12 in Feb) approached their Mum and told her she wanted to shave her hair off to donate it to The Little Princess Trust ‘for little girls who weren’t as lucky as her’. Mum was blown away by this lovely gesture but after lots of talking and gentle persuasion I encouraged Chloe to get it cut short (as short and as styled as she wants but not shaved off!)

Hearing about this Emilie (8 years old) decided she wanted to do the same but with a twist. We have read and talked about the precious little girl called Sophie Rolf, she has recently turned 6 and sadly has a life limiting illness. Living on the Isle of Wight she is restricted about where she can go for such specialist care, so they are fundraising for better care for children, at the Island’s only hospice, The Earl Mountbatten.

The girls have been growing their hair in order to donate it to The Little Princess Trust but with the aim to raise some money for the Kissypuppy appeal.

The girls will be having their hair cut at Take 2 in Newport.

We know you have all supported us already this year when we took part in Walk the Wight but the girls would be so pleased if you could dig deep and spare any pennies to sponsor them getting their hair cut.

Please help support the girls in any way you can!

From one proud Mummy!!

The Girls have their own JustGiving page where you can donate now


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Sophie Rolf is a beautiful, happy, larger than life little girl who, a few months before her 5th birthday, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. She has responded to therapy well and most importantly with courage and a smile that has inspired all of those around her.

Unfortunately the prognosis is still poor. What this devastating process has highlighted to Sophie’s family, is the limited healthcare options available for children living or dying from life limiting conditions on the island.

Currently, children from the Isle of Wight travel to Winchester for respite or end of life care, which for Sophie and her family would be a three hour journey each way.

The Sophie Rolf fund, KissyPuppy, is raising money for Earl Mountbatten Hospice to create an interim Island-based solution to support local children and young people with life-limiting conditions.

The Earl Mountbatten Hospice is an independent charity providing comprehensive end-of-life healthcare for the Isle of Wight community. They support and care for adults living with and dying from a life-limiting illness and they are looking at how they can extend these services to children.

The Hospice is working in partnership with Sophie’s parents, and other interested organisations and families on the Island, to research both the need and opportunity to develop its services in the future to include children and young people.

Earl Mountbatten Hospice is committed to improving the range of services and facilities to meet palliative health and social care needs of children and their families and carers on the Isle of Wight in the long term.

The severity of Sophie’s rare condition means that in the interim a place may be needed at the Hospice to support Sophie and her family in her final days. Currently Sophie must travel off the Isle of Wight for much of her treatment, the nearest hospice for children is based in Winchester.

The initial target is to raise £10,000 for Earl Mountbatten Hospice to transform a space into a child friendly residence on the Hospice site, not just for Sophie, but for other children and families who may need this service in the future, would bridge the gap whilst new long term services are being explored.

We appreciate the phenomenal support for Sophie and her family from the Community on the Isle of Wight and the wider support we have received. We would now like to raise funds together with the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, to create an Island based solution that would support children on the Isle of Wight with life limiting conditions and provide end of life care.