The Sophie Rolf Open – Fishing Competition

THE SOPHIE ROLF OPEN, Will take place on 27 October 2012.

All welcome.

The comp will be four teams, Under 18’s, Ladies, Nippers (18-50) and Old Farts (over 50)

Start time is 2pm finish 8.00pm. Weigh in at Carisbrooke Church Hall, near the Eight Bells. Weigh in closes at 9.30. (I could only get the hall till 10)

Any public beaches , piers etc

Total weight of each team will be divided by number in that team, heaviest average wins, the Bragging Rights!

£2 optional sweep for heaviest specimen of species drawn out of the hat at the weigh in. If no fish of that species caught then it goes to the second species drawn out and so on.

£8 for over 18’s , £5 for 18’s and under

All monies (except the sweep) go to Sophie Rolf.

It’s not too late so get the kids involved and the weigh in is near a pub

There will be a prize table for the heaviest bag in each section. Under 18 first, then Ladies, Nippers and Old Farts.

After those four it is the usual heaviest bag till every prize has gone.

Anyone not wishing to claim a prize will have it auctioned at the end. Money to Sophie

Tickets from Scotties and Hopefully all Island tackle shops.

Fishing from anywhere round the island.

Any kind person or business wishing to put up a prize contact by details in County Press or by the thread on the website below

Help needed on the weigh in if anyone fancies that.


Fishing for Sophie

Calling all fishermen, why not get yourself a Sophie Rolf rig, £2.00 recommended donation proceeds going to The Sophie Rolf Fund. At sale with Target Traces or at Scotties tackle shop ,Newport.