Charity Motorsport Festival for Sophie Rolf

IOWCC welcome petrol heads and clubs of all flavours to come and share their passion for one weekend in aid of the Sophie Rolf Fund, KissyPuppy.

Saturday will boast a variety of displays; with various Island clubs and enthusiasts displaying their prides and joy throughout the day.

The Car Club will be running a timed taster Auto-test designed to encourage drivers to try their own cars out on the hard grass field. Unlike our usual events club and non club members have the opportunity to receive tuition by means of either riding as a passenger round the course or having a passenger next to them to offer advice to improve their driving.

You don’t have to go out with someone, members and non-members alike will have the opportunity to buy 6 runs for £10 and run in the same manner as a usual event, only difference is for this taster event we have waved the day member charge making this a great opportunity to give our events a try!

In addition to the Auto-test and various car displays there will be:

– Beer tent from Island Ales

– Live music in the evening

– Camping Saturday night – free for full IOWCC members & £10 a pitch for non members.

– Display from the IOW Motorbike trial’s club including currant European and currant Ladies world leader Becky Cook!

– Hot passenger laps in Historic Rally Car

– Ryde Extreme Performers

– Bouncy castle

– Hot food all day

– Ice-cream Van

– Show and Shine competition

– Raffle

– Various Club and motorsport displays

– Trade Stands

– Championship round from the IOWCC on Sunday.

Entry and parking is free, we just ask for a donation to the Kissy Puppy Fund. If you’re a club and would like to hold your own stand, or would like further details please contact us on or visit our website


Sophie Rolf is a beautiful, happy, larger than life little girl who, a few months before her 5th birthday, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. She has responded to therapy well and most importantly with courage and a smile that has inspired all of those around her.

Unfortunately the prognosis is still poor. What this devastating process has highlighted to Sophie’s family, is the limited healthcare options available for children living or dying from life limiting conditions on the island.

Currently, children from the Isle of Wight travel to Winchester for respite or end of life care, which for Sophie and her family would be a three hour journey each way.

The Sophie Rolf fund, KissyPuppy, is raising money for Earl Mountbatten Hospice to create an interim Island-based solution to support local children and young people with life-limiting conditions.

The Earl Mountbatten Hospice is an independent charity providing comprehensive end-of-life healthcare for the Isle of Wight community. They support and care for adults living with and dying from a life-limiting illness and they are looking at how they can extend these services to children.

The Hospice is working in partnership with Sophie’s parents, and other interested organisations and families on the Island, to research both the need and opportunity to develop its services in the future to include children and young people.

Earl Mountbatten Hospice is committed to improving the range of services and facilities to meet palliative health and social care needs of children and their families and carers on the Isle of Wight in the long term.

The severity of Sophie’s rare condition means that in the interim a place may be needed at the Hospice to support Sophie and her family in her final days. Currently Sophie must travel off the Isle of Wight for much of her treatment, the nearest hospice for children is based in Winchester.

The initial target is to raise £10,000 for Earl Mountbatten Hospice to transform a space into a child friendly residence on the Hospice site, not just for Sophie, but for other children and families who may need this service in the future, would bridge the gap whilst new long term services are being explored.

We appreciate the phenomenal support for Sophie and her family from the Community on the Isle of Wight and the wider support we have received. We would now like to raise funds together with the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, to create an Island based solution that would support children on the Isle of Wight with life limiting conditions and provide end of life care.

Donations would be very much appreciated and we thank you for your continued support.

IOW Car Club Charity Day

The Isle of Wight Car Club held a Charity Day in aid of Sophie today at the County Show Ground, with an auto test and show and shine competition raising an amazing £1,900 (£987 in donations on the gate). There was a huge turnout with some great cars on show. It was obvious that hundreds of hours had gone into getting some of the cars into the amazing condition they were in and Sophie got to judge a special competition ‘Sophie Rolf Concours D’Elegance IOW Car Club 2012 Trophy’. It was a very close run thing but Sophie eventually picked an orange mini to be the worthy winner. Sophie’s brother jack also got taken around the circuit which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Auto Test and Charity Day

On Sunday the 12th of August the IOWCC has hired out the County Show ground in Northwood. We will be running a charity Auto Test along with a few other bits and pieces to hopefully make what will be a very enjoyable day out.

For what we hope to be a great day, we need a great cause and what better than the Kissy Puppy fund for the Island girl Sophie Rolf. Help IOWCC to raise as much money as we can on the 12th to support Sophie on her Journey.

The day is going to run very similar to any other event, however there will be a few adjustments to make the day more relaxed and encourage new drivers to have ago!

  • No championship points are available at this event
  • First car will be away 10am and we shall run up to 5pm
  • All Proceeds will be going to the Kissy Puppy Cause
  • Event fee’s will be the same as any other, but to encourage non members who haven’t competed at our events before anyone who fancies a go is able to sign up to 6 runs for £15 on the day, and starting at any point in the day – obviously the earlier you arrive the more runs you’re likely to receive.
  • To allow people to start at any point in the day, we will not require everyone to complete their runs at the same pace.
  • As per the last 2 events marshalling will be picked out of the hat, however instead of swapping after the first run, marshalls will be required at their post for 1 hour before being swapped out by the next group.

We are encouraging you to invite your friends and family to come and have a go and see what IOWCC is all about! Crash helmets will be required so if you have a spare you don’t mind lending out please bring it with you.

The course is going to be a relatively simple one, and with 13 acres available to us there shouldn’t be much to hit either!

Of course weather permitting it is expected that the field will be of acceptable standard to allow road cars round without causing any drama!

Additionally if you are able to bring someone who is happy to marshall for 2 or 3 hours we will give them a free lunch out of the burger for their efforts!

In addition to the Auto Solo we are hoping to have some rather nice Machinery on show for you all to have a nosey round, Toilets are available and of course the burger van selling food and drink all day.

For those not interested in competing in the Auto Test there is going to be a “Show and shine” meet for all the island drivers who nurture their pride and joy to drag them out of the garage and show them of to the rest of us! At around 2pm There will be a IOWCC Concourse d’elegance trophy up for grabs for the best dressed car. We will be asking for a £2 donation for the Kissy puppy cause.

If its a nice day this could be a very popular event, please remember why we are all there and drive respectfully!


Image Copyright of Allan Marsh 2012