Tara’s Special Gift

When we first set up KissyPuppy we received a very kind email from Isle of Wight Graphite Artist Tara Richardson asking if she could donate her time in drawing someones portrait for an auction/raffle and to draw Sophie and Jack’s portrait for the family.

Aaron and Gemma provided Tara with a couple of pictures of Jack and Sophie. Tara then went on to start drawing the magnificent picture that she delivered to them yesterday. The pictures below show the whole process which took just over two weeks to complete. You can see the original montage of two photographs Tara used for reference and then step by step as the picture took shape.

You can see more of Tara’s work on her website www.portraitpencilart.webs.com or ‘Like’ her face book page here Tara-Richardson-Art.

Thank you so much for your very special gift and we wish you all the best with your work.