Sophie’s Shop.

Sophie’s Dad come up with an idea of a Children’s Charity Shop back in November 2013 and with the help of the CEO at the Hospice, Sophie’s Shop became a reality within only a few days and officially opening on 9th November 2013, a few weeks before Soph

ie passed away. Sophie’s Nan took on the role of running the shop with the help of other family members. Located within the Earl Mountbatten Hospice Shop in Lugley Street, Newport, Sophie’s shop has grown over the years and now plays a very important part of the KissyPuppy Charity.

Sophie’s Shop has become very successful over the past few years down to the amazing donations we receive, the wonderful support network of volunteers who sort the donations and keep the shop stocked and finally, the support from the public who use the shop and turn our donations into pennies. These pennies really do make a huge difference in what KissyPuppy can do in improving services for Children here on the Island.

Since opening Sophie’s friends have held several Cake Sales and we have held lots of events within the shop which have only added to its success.

We accept children’s clothing, toys, games, books, baby equipment. Basically anything baby and child related and all are gratefully received.

Donations can be dropped direct to Sophie’s Shop, Earl Mountbatten Hospice, Lugley Street, Newport, Isle of Wight. (Directly out the back of Boots the chemist.)

Meet the Team


“I originally agreed opening and working in the shop a few hours a week and it has ended up being a full time job plus evenings and weekends! I can be found within the shop most days doing everything! It really is a huge success and I have loved watching it grow”

Theresa Blamire

Sophie's Nan , Sophie's Team Member

“New to the team recently who we are moulding to be the future Theresa.”

Alanna Sexton

Sophie’s Cousin, Sophie's Team Member

Also started off doing a few hours then it turned into days. She can usually be found sorting the books, making tea and supplying cake!

Helen Waite

Sophie’s Auntie, Sophie's Team Member

” Queen of the KissyPuppy till and selling the noisy toys!”

Rose Wiltshire

Family member, Sophie's Team Member

After finishing her daytime job she can usually be found most evenings at home surrounded by puzzles and games checking them all before they are put on the shelves.

Trisha Sime

Sophie's Auntie, Sophie's Team Member

Gemma Blamire

Sophie's Mum, Sophie's Team Member