Eighteen months today Sophs since you left us.
Eighteen months of pain and heartache and sorrow and longing.
Eighteen months of looking for your face in a crowd, of waiting for you to come dancing into a room.

They say time is a great healer and maybe that’s true but these broken hearts aren’t healing. All the grief is still there, with us constantly. Time is making this grief our companion. It is there from the first minute of the day till the last.
It is there in the dead of night when we go to your room to remember.
We carry it with us when we leave the house until we return and in all we do in between.

Your story has spread far and wide young lady and the support continues to come. What has been achieved is quite simply remarkable. It’s unique. No other adult hospice in this country extends its services to include children – not one! And that is down to you and to every single person that has given their support.

And now Sophie we have the Chelsea Flower Show bringing a garden to Earl Mountbatten Hospice because of you.
Greenfingers charity specialises in putting gardens in children’s hospices – not adult ones, children’s ones and it is because of you that it is coming.
Greenfingers heard about you and were told your story and they chose to come here because of YOU.

Eighteen months on so much has happened and hopefully will continue to do so.
We miss you – plain and simple. I miss you, your mum misses you and your brother misses you…..more than my vocabulary can explain. Our hearts quite simply ache for you. The pain is constant and never ending. The masks we wear are heavy but they continue to serve their purpose.

You will always be our little girl, our princess and our annoying little sister. You were a light that was gifted to us and when that light was extinguished it left us shrouded in darkness. A darkness that will only truly be left when we see you again.

We will never stop loving you Sophie. We will never stop missing you Sophie. We will never ever be more proud than when you chose us to be your family.

Our eternal love…..

Dad, Mum and your big brother Jacko xxxxx