Earl Mountbatten Hospice Press Release…

Children have their say on hospice toys

Thanks to help from local schoolchildren and the generosity of the KissyPuppy charity, a wish list of new toys aimed at young visitors has been delivered to Earl Mountbatten Hospice.

Following feedback from children visiting the ward, the Hospice was keen to improve the toys and facilities on offer to children and young people.

Schoolchildren from Years 7-9 from Medina College and Years 4-6 from Wootton Primary spent an afternoon at the Hospice, with their teachers, brainstorming ideas and creating a collage of the type of toys, games and facilities they would choose to have at the Hospice.

Top of the list was an Xbox and games, good Wifi connections, phone chargers and access to Netflix, but also a more traditional selection including arts and crafts, Lego, playing cards, board games and books. The top picks have now been purchased and many were hand delivered to the Hospice this week by KissyPuppy.

The children were also given a tour of the facilities, including Sophie’s Butterfly Garden, the play area dedicated to the memory of Sophie Rolf, which was opened just before Christmas, as well as the family friendly area in the John Cheverton Centre and the new, recently opened overnight suite.

After their hard work, the children were rewarded with homemade cupcakes and drinks.

“We are always looking to improve our facilities,” said Becky McGregor, Head of Clinical Quality and Patient Experience. “Recent feedback from a patient’s child sparked the idea of getting some local schoolchildren involved to help us decide on the sorts of things we might need to help support young people as they visit family members and relatives on the ward. We are absolutely thrilled that KissyPuppy have made the wish list of toys a reality.”

Sophie’s parents Gemma and Aaron, the founders of KissyPuppy said: “It’s a real pleasure to know that Sophie’s charity is helping to make life a little easier for children who visit loved ones at the Hospice.”