Nine years ago to this day we were bag packed, fridge stocked, Jack sorted and awaiting the morning which would see the arrival of our latest addition. A planned C-section to welcome you into the world….and that’s the one and only straight forward planned thing about you Sophs!

Tomorrow you should be surrounded by your friends and family celebrating your ninth birthday. Nine years since you blessed us with your presence. Nine years Soph. Nine years.

It still doesn’t seem possible that you have been gone for best part of three of those years. It still sometimes feels like a lifetime away, or even a dream of the things we went all went through together….good and bad! Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and then falling into at night.

It is an obvious thing to say Sophs but we miss you. You took up such a tiny tiny part of this world and yet the emptiness you left is immeasurable! A thousand words couldn’t bring you back… I know this because I have tried, and neither could a thousand tears… I know this because we have shed a thousand thousand tears. You left behind broken hearts. Happy memories too…but those memories we would relinquish for ever if it meant one more minute with you.

The sun will rise and set tomorrow as it does every day and the most important part of this everyday occurrence is that it brings us one day closer to seeing you again.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to our darling girl, our beautiful butterfly and our beloved daughter and sister.

Aaron, Gemma and Jack

💜 xxx