What an amazing privilege to be introduced to HRH Sophie, Countess of Wessex on her recent visit to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice this week.

Truly honoured to be invited to talk a little about the bereavement service KissyPuppy has funded. To hear Her Highness talk about our precious Sophie and to actually know a little about the charity was very humbling.
In true Dad fashion I leapt upon the chance of embarrassing Jack when she asked where we got the name from!!

We spoke a little about wanting to give island families choices in their darkest times and she genuinely seemed to understand the need for these services in our island community. She chatted a little to Jack about school work and even hinted he might need to give her daughter some maths tuition!
Prince Jack….sounds pretty good to me! You did us proud Jacko as so often you do! A teenager you might be yet you have seen more in your young years than so many have seen in a lifetime – we hope it serves you well young man in whatever you choose to do.

We know that hospices are so readily linked to end of life and ultimately death yet to be there yesterday all you could see was life! Young and old, frail and healthy all together sharing the most precious and fragile of gifts ….life!

We are humbled that KissyPuppy is able to support all it does due to you. All of you. Your generosity and kindness makes us what we are. Without you we would not exist. We can never repay all you do.

And finally to you Sophs, our beautiful butterfly. Our own princess. Not one single minute goes by without us aching for you. We miss you….and nothing will change that. Each sunrise brings a new day and hope to all that see it and whilst we continue to do what we do there is an emptiness within us that will never be filled.

Although we shared you as our daughter the grief we carry is as different as was our own relationship with you. Many of us walk a path of grief and fear and loss…..may you take some small comfort you do not walk it alone.

Till we see you again