As the first day of 2016 draws to a close we would like to say a quick and simple few words to all of our fantastic supporters.

You all know how much we loved Sophie and how much we continue to miss her. The hole she left in our lives will never be filled…it just can’t be. It is endless. It is nothing, and surprisingly nothing has an unusual and unlikely attribute….it is heavy!! And we are living with that ever increasing heaviness on a daily basis.

However this post is to reflect on what KissyPuppy has achieved in 2015.
We funded the Schools Project at EMH.
We funded a new office within Earl Mountbatten Hospice for the Paediatric Community Nurse Team.
We ended the year funding a party for children and their families living with life-limiting conditions.
And perhaps most importantly we were able to ensure the finances are in place to continue to be able to offer Sophies Rooms should they be needed….which heartbreakingly they have far too often in 2015.

We have some very exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks so please keep watching.

2016 will no doubt be another tough one. To know the world continues to turn without our princess in it is something so hard to understand. We take solace in the fact as each year passes it brings us closer to seeing our beautiful butterfly once more.

Thank you all for your never ending support from those that have done events and activities to those who continue to donate items to Sophies Shop and to those that buy them!! We are simply the front for everyone’s hard work and we hope we continue to do you all justice.

Happy New Year

Aaron, Gemma & Jack xxx