November, November, November….

Twelve months in a year and none so hard for us as November. Each and every month holds special memories; memories that, as time passes, have us question whether they are real? One thing that we never doubt is that November holds the saddest memory of all. It is the month we lost our precious Sophs. And in that moment we lost a little part of ourselves. I wouldn’t dare to presume the whole world darkened when she passed but I know for certain that our world certainly dimmed.

As hard as it is we always try and do something positive in November. From opening the rooms all those years ago to the opening of Sophie’s shop, the playground, first schools project, launch of bereavement service as well as many other smaller yet every bit as important projects.

Taking positives from death at times seems impossible but we, as always, do our best. It is not always about making announcements though – we try even harder in this month to make sense of the seemingly senseless. This month above all others has taught me how fragile life is. How precious it is. How so many of us, and certainly myself, don’t live our lives to the full value of them.

We know we should be living life to its fullest. Experiencing as much of it as it has to offer because time is fleeting yet still the ever present feeling of guilt takes over. Our beautiful butterfly was with us for only an instant and so much of the world, of life, was unavailable to her so how dare we continue to live. A shortage of words is rarely something I suffer from but to attempt to explain how we feel leaves me muted.

So a positive November 2017 starts…. We continue to support EMH in all that they do with regards to developing, improving and sustaining the care they now provide for children and their families and we are just in the process of finalising our biggest joint project to date which we hope to explain more to everyone in the next coming weeks. 😃 😃

We have also set the date of Sophie’s Christmas Shop opening which this year we will open on 25th November a day we are hoping will be a happy day to remember Sophie.

As always we could not do any of what we do without the continued support of our wonderful island community. We hope that that none of you will have to call upon any of these services but to have the choices available is all we have wanted to gain.


November 2013 – the day Sophie achieved her goal. The Earl Mountbatten Hospice opened their doors to children 💜 🦋