For many years now the Islands NHS Trust have presented annual awards to highlight both “excellence and innovation” and to “celebrate outstanding achievements in Island healthcare”.

This year the Earl Mountbatten Hospice has been shortlisted for the category “Improving Services for Children and Young People” for their work in developing AND providing end of life, and after life, care for children and their families. As we all know there is no child hospice provision on the island and through our own experiences we realised what a terrible need there was for something to fill the gap.
They have responded brilliantly not only for our needs in the beginning but from then on expanding, developing and improving choices for families that are faced with the most terrifying of futures.

We are proud beyond belief to have been a fundamental part of this journey to give these families a choice when all other choices have been seemingly taken away from them. And we are so grateful they helped us to make Sophies wish of “helping other children” become a reality.

Please take a moment and click on the link below to cast your vote:…/aw…/trust-awards-2016-category-a.htm

Aaron, Gemma & Jack