Summer Fun….

It has always been so difficult to explain to everyone what KissyPuppy achieves due to the nature of our work alongside the Hospice. To think that only a few years ago there was no respite or palliative care available for children within a hospice setting and yet now we are able to offer the same choice that is available to every single mainland family – and rightly so!

Providing ongoing and end of life care for children is a delicate subject and not one to be shouted about. Developing, improving and maintaining the services offered here on the Island has always been our main aim but alongside this being able to help create memories for the families was every bit as important.
Sophie loved the time she spent with the nurses and even though some days are as black as night there are always happy memories to help us through those times.

We, with the kind permission of some families we have been lucky enough to be able to help, can give you an insight into some of the fun things the Nurses have be able to do this summer with the children.
The car we purchased at the beginning of the year has been invaluable in helping create some fantastic memories.

Special thanks goes to Tapnell farm and The Isle of Wight Zoo and of course to all those that continue to support us as without you we would not be able to do this..